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Are you running DKP for DotNetNuke®?

If you're using this module, let us know! If you like, we'll even post a link to your site, right here on the front page, for everyone to oogle over. Make a post in our discussion forum, and for good measure, we ultimately reserve the right to list or unlist your site for any reason.

Legal Stuff

I've been approached by a few folks interested in using my module as a premium module on their hosting sites. To respond fairly to all, I'm posting my response here.

In regards to profit driven venues related to this module, per the licensing, everyone is permitted to leverage fees for such services provided by this module pursuant to the regulations of the license. This is a fundamental principle outlined in the core of GPL.

Let us be clear on the intent and full requirements of the license though. Any modifications to this distribution's source that would facilitate the use of this module must be made freely available to the public. This is a core requirement of the GPL. If in an attempt to protect profit driven venues related to this module, the modified source is not made publicly available, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

My efforts are for the community at large. If you manage to make some money off that, great. If you manage to find that you can make some contributions to the project, even better; but I will not tolerate violations of an already generous licensing arrangement.

Project Demo

Curious about the look and feel of the module? Check it out here.

Project Description

DKP for DotNetNuke® is a self-contained module for tracking and guiding loot distribution. The module's language is VB. Net, developed using Visual Studio 2008, and is designed for the DotNetNuke Content Management System. While the module currently targets the World of Warcraft game, eventually the module will cater to more games.


Installing DKP for DotNetNuke® is simple. Just like any other module, upload the install package to your site and place an instance of the module on the page of your choice. Once the module is displayed, any user group that has module edit capability will be able to manage the module's data.

Continuing Development

If you want to tinker with the source, feel free to download it. My development environment consists of a run-time version of DotNetNuke 5.0.1 at C:\DotNetNuke\DotNetNuke.5.0.1 with the module solution located under the DesktopModules folder in a folder called DotNetNuke.tss_DKP. Place the source in that location and everything should open right up.

The database is supported by a system of constraints and triggers that prevent malicious application logic. The DAL and application layer are also well-defined. Explore both of these when determining what is and is not allowed.

Technical Notes:

Database Overview

Source Code Change Log

Some Caveats

This hasn't been confirmed, but it is possible that this module's database structure will not be MS SQL 2000 compatible. Until otherwise verified, consider installations on sites powered by MS SQL 2000 to be unstable.

Future Development and Commitment

This module is not a fly-by-night operation. I'm an active WoW player and have over 10 years of end-game experience in EverQuest and World of Warcraft. I also have a Masters in Computer Science and a desire to make a truly useful module for a wonderful CMS. If you're considering using this module for your guild, rest assured that this project will be supported today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future.

At some point, the module will have an in-game component that will aid in the extraction of raid rosters and looting. The module will not be dependent on this component though. Game patches can disable in-game components, and this can be a threat to module stability if the module relies on these components.

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