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Thoughts on things for the next release.

Jan 9, 2009 at 3:49 PM
I've taken some time to evaluate other DKP options out there, and I've come up with a list of features we can add, as well as a list of features we can probably shed.

Player Sync

This feature is an example of why it's a good thing to sometimes take breaks on a project... the heck was I thinking when I made this? The fact is wowarmory is about the most fickle source of player information possible. To use it as a sync source, we really need a more robust syncing tool with more transparent behaior.

What I see for a feature enhancement here is a more mature tool that will still use the global settings to determine realm and guild, but the tool will basically display lists of players according to several status results. There should be a list for players detected on armory but not in the dkp system (for adding or editing in the case of name change) or a list for players in the dkp system yet not in armory (deleting or editing in the case of name change). Keep in mind, this module was developed prior to Blizz allowing name changes, so this tool should now also handle name changes.


Ranking support is going to be removed. I really don't see a reason to keep it around. Well, maybe... I've seen some systems use ranking as a way to group players by the role they play (tank, healer, ranged, melee)... it might be nice to keep it around.


I saw in one DKP system there was a quick glance leaderboard for player standings. I like this idea. The leaderboard will probably be about the size of a banner ad and will sit above the player list grid. Ideally, you can filter this leaderboard. The leaderboard I saw was divided into one inch columns grouped by class, and listed player name and dkp saved.

Tier support

I'm not really keen on Tiers, but lately I've seen some nice benefits from it. Ideally, Tier values should be associated with items, since like in Naxx, you technically have tier 7 and 7.5 with non-heroic and heroic modes. I might be able to determine this automatically from iLevel values, but in the end, the Tier value might have to be associated with Instances or Mobs manually to make things easier on everyone.

Database Support

Really hoping to get this release out prior to the next content patch. As a result, the database install scripts will ideally have all mobs and items in WotLK thus far. There aren't many instances yet, so this should be easy. All instances and mobs currently in the script will be removed. The script will not remove anything currently in your database.

More Addon Support

I'm currently running x-perl, and it dos have a dump that can be used to get rosters. I'd like to know what tools you guys are using to get rosters to see if I can expand this function.