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Paving the way for multi-game support and localization.

Jan 17, 2009 at 5:38 PM
With the upcoming release, I'm also taking on the effort of paving the way for multi-game support. This will require several changes to the database as well as other things that will purely be cosmetic in nature.

The thing about this move is that I need some help from players who actually play other games. While I've been a long time MMORPG'er, I've only ever played Everquest and World of Warcraft. I know there are many other games out there that would benefit from this module, bu tI lack the community awareness needed to make this tool truely helpful to those communities. For example, I know Wowhead is an excellent source for WoW, but who is the best for EQ II or Lineage or... the list goes on.

If you've played other games and want to become part of what I'm going to refer to as our Content Direction Team... let me know. I'd like to have at least one person for every major game, but more than one is certainly welcomed. Each person on the team will be expected to serve as a knowledgable source for questions directed to the community they represent.

Localization is also on the horizon. Once the module is released in this latest form, I'd like to get some translations in place. I'll actually be coding some things into the next release to make this effort easier.