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Multi-User stuff...

Mar 11, 2009 at 11:54 AM
I often find in programming circles that every programmer is obsessive about at least one thing in their programs.

For me, it's properly handling multi-user interactions; and I hate to admit, but it's slowing things down a little.

To get things moving, I'm going to try to catch the really big issues, but the lesser common stuff might not be caught.

So at the moment, here are the things we should be able to protect against.

1) Drilling down on a Player, Mob, or Raid that has been deleted by another user.
2) Attempting to update something that has been deleted by another user.
3) Attempting to add something that another user has already added.

One thing we won't be watching for will be asyncronous updating (user A retrieves, user B retrieves, user A saves, user B overwrites user A).

It's not really something noteworthy, but I wanted to put this in writing somewhere.