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Final list for 1.5

Mar 14, 2009 at 3:28 PM
I'm kind of tired of coding, so I thought I'd make a list of the changes for this release for a change of pace.

1) Leader board has been implemented. At the moment, the board can't be hidden. I might add the ability to hide/show it in future versions. The board displays the 10 class categories, and the top 5 players sorted by Saved DKP first and Player Name second. If you want to display more than 5, change the SQL for the procedure tss_GetPlayersByClass.

2) Sorting preferences for each grid now persist, just like number of rows displayed for each grid.

3) Attendance column and Saved DKP column now support colors. Cutoffs for Attendance can be set under the Settings panel where Server, Realm, and Guild name are set.

4) Multi-updates are more supported. Some areas weren't properly supporting multi-updates. Mostly bug fixes and code cleanup.

5) Grid layout is now easier to customize. Want to move columns around, hide columns, or change the name of a column? Just edit the aspx that defines the grid and move/hide the column templates as you'd like. This is accomplished by storing a semi-colon delimited string in each column's footer that contains three pieces of information: the column's ID, CSS type, and Header Text. To change a column's HeaderText, just change the last segment of the string.

6) Added a better looking CSS style to everything. Don't it look purty?

7) Added more data consistency checks with the database when performing asyncronous activities like drilling down, adding, and updating data.

8) Improved error messages by making them more uniform and descriptive.

9) Adding raiders to an existing raid should be a little easier. Instead of having to add one raider at a time, raiders can be added in bulk by selecting one or more raiders at a time from a list box in the Rosters section.

10) Creating a new raid manually will now check the Roster string for valid Players before making the raid. Every player in the Roster string must exist before the raid will be created.

11) The raid roster string is now semi-colon delimited.

12) Raids can now be imported! To import a raid, go to the Raids section and click on "Import Raid". On the panel that appears, there's a link to the mod that you can load up in WoW to track your raids. From this mod, you can export a string in the "Plain Text" format. Copy/Paste this exported string into the large text box labeled "Import String". The import string will be examined for existing Instance, Mobs, Items, Drops, and Players. All supporting data must exist before the raid will be made.

In the future, this tool will be improved. For now, I hope this helps.

13) In a few places, Date and Time are stored to track when raids take place or when a player joins the system. These places have been refined to display in the format "MM/dd/yy hh:mm tt". Seconds can be provided, but they will not be saved. This just helps clean up the grids a little bit.

14) Fixed some sorting issues in the Player Detail section. The Loot grid was not sorting appropriately.

15) Reordered the columns in the Raid's Loot section to display Item first, then Player Name, followed by Loot Value.
Mar 14, 2009 at 11:40 PM
This is just as exciting to read as new patch notes :D
Mar 15, 2009 at 2:27 AM
Edited Mar 15, 2009 at 2:27 AM
Some interesting stuff now that I've got the raid import verifier working...

Looks like there's some really weird stuff going on with WowHead, and by weird I mean mobs are missing drops...

On a sample Naxx 25 man import from KA's raid tracker after Syncing the Instance with WowHead, I get the following output:

1. Error: Mob (The Four Horsemen (Heroic)) not found in database.
2. Error: Item (Silent Crusader) not found in database.
3. Error: Item (Abyss Crystal) not found in database.
4. Error: Item (Fire-Scorched Greathelm) not found in database.
5. Error: Item (Pauldrons of the Abandoned) for Mob (Gluth (Heroic)) not found in database.
6. Error: Item (Broken Promise) not found in database.
7. Error: Item (Sand-Worn Band) not found in database.
8. Error: Item (Bone-Inlaid Legguards) not found in database.

Let's go over this line by line. I've given each line a number manually.

1. We know that the Four Horsemen event is going to be problematic no matter what we do since WowHead doesn't store this event as one mob. We'd need to manually make this raid to support the tracker. Can't be picked up by syncing.
2. According to WowHead,  no associated mob from the boss list. KA Raid Tracker labels the item as a trash drop. May need to manually create a "Trash mob" for each instance at each difficulty. Can't be picked up by syncing.
3. Leaving how Abysal Crystals are handled up to each DKP admin.
4. According to WowHead, item appears to drop from two different mobs in Naxx: Widow and Gluth. Neither mob displays this item on their loot table though. Can't be picked up by syncing.
5. According to WowHead, item appears to drop from two different mobs in Naxx: Thaddius and Gluth. Thaddius lists the item, so this is how the Sync is picking it up, but WowHead doesn't list the item for Gluth. The Item is being made in the system, but isn;t being attached to Gluth as a possible drop. Can't be picked up by syncing.
6. According to WowHead, item appears to drop from one mob in Naxx: Gluth. Gluth doesn't display this item on his loot table though. Can't be picked up by syncing.
7. According to WowHead, item appears to drop from five different mobs in Naxx. No mob displays this item on their loot table though. Can't be picked up by syncing.
8. According to WowHead, item appears to drop from one mob in Naxx: Sapphiron. Sapphirondoesn't display this item on his loot table though. Can't be picked up by syncing.

Kinda sad...

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to release 1.5 without support for importing raids. I know... I know... it blows, but what this stuff above is demonstrating is that the raid import tool needs to support some robust automation to make it work. I'll need to take some time to get the comprehensive raid importing tool working that will do this kind of analysis and then give all the bells and whistles need to allow the DKP admin to double-check the changes and commit the data with a click of a button.

Once again, most sorry... I expected better from WowHead.
Mar 16, 2009 at 1:56 AM
I'm not gonna say i told you so  :)
Mar 16, 2009 at 4:09 AM
It's still better than nothing, and much better than what the other DKP systems do. I'm also not opposed to the automation, I just don't think we can get by with a magic wand. There eeds to be this "double check" interface to verify the stuff that's going to be changed in the library.

As far as library management though, yes, in theory you could make your library this way through the repeated importing of raids, but most DKP systems benefit by having point values assigned to items long before they drop. That's where the real value of the Instance/Mob sync comes in.