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More Grid Options

Mar 25, 2009 at 9:10 PM
As part of addressing the Localization issue, I've added some additional skinning options for the grid. The core issue to skining the grid is that there are very few column oriented skinning options. Typically, the column skining is useful for things like restricting column width, etc. So note the new behavior...

A column's footer text now defines custom skinning styles for the column's header, items, and alternate items. We do this by joining whatever is in the FooterText field with the following prefixes:


So if we set the FooterText for a column to "Image" then that column can be skinned using the following styles:

In this way, you can open the ASPX file for the grid you want to change, set the FooterText to any value you want for whatever grid column you want to style differently, and then create those styles in your module.css file.