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Raid Importer is ready to go!

Mar 26, 2009 at 2:59 PM
The raid importer is to the point that it's ready to go!

It'll probably make your database melt in a glorious poof of white smoke though... but hey, it's the first go around.

A few things that I would note about the importer in its current form...

Lots of stuff is made automatically, but most of that stuff isn't what I would refer to as being complete. For example, the importer can't associate WowHead ID's for Mobs and Instances that it creates. It also struggles with DKP values for items it creates and loots. I basically need you guys to look at what the importer does, how it works, and then comment on how you would expect it to work better.

I have some additional things to do before I release this, should be available in a few hours.

Next release after this will be Tiers.