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Released: Feb 4, 2009
Updated: Feb 4, 2009 by Salaza
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Release Notes

Before upgrading to this release, I highly recommended backing up your database. While I have extensively tested this release, there's always the possibility something may go wrong. I'm especially interested in hearing from anyone who uses custom databaseOwner and objectQualifier values in your DNN installation.

A few things worthy of noting in this release...

Some bugs have been fixed, and some maintenance upgrades have been put in place to account for increased level caps and new classes.

Item mouseover effects have been changed for Loot, Drops, and Item views. The old method required the module to scrap the item statistics data off WowHead and store it locally for displaying. The new method uses a javascript provided by WowHead to do this in real-time, so item statistics data is no longer stored in our database tables.

Syncing functions have been expanded. With this release, you can now sync Instances with WowHead. How does this work? It's pretty straight forward. Once you have created an Instance and specified that Instance's WowHead ID, you can select that Instance from the grid (much like you would if you were to "update" the Instance), and then click on "Sync Instance(s)".

This triggers a script in the module that will fetch the Boss list for that Instance from WowHead and add any Bosses on that list to your database that are not already in your database. Then, after adding the Mobs, the script will fetch the Drop tables for every boss in WowHead's list and add new Items and Drops to your database as well.

There's a few rules to keep in mind about this feature...

1) No data will ever be deleted by a Sync. So if you create custom Mobs for an Instance, don't worry, those Mobs won't be deleted because they don't appear in the Boss list on WowHead. Likewise, if an Item is removed from game, or a Mob no longer drops an Item, those updates will never be reflected by the Sync function. The Sync function simply does not at any time delete anything.

2) If you happen to Sync an Instance with the wrong WowHeadID, you will get a bunch of sync'd garbage. Automated tools are like a loaded gun. Use them carefully.

3) If your Instance is one of the new Instances like in WotLK, be sure to check the Heroic flag for the Instance. This lets the sync script know that when it creates Bosses, it needs to make a non-heroic and heroic version with appropriate loot tables.

4) The Sync feature isn't perfect, and in some cases, needs manual help. Case in point, the Four Horseman event in Naxxramas. WowHead does not list a single boss with a loot table for this event. Instead, WowHead lists the individual horseman as Bosses. As a result, none of them have a loot table. I suspect other "container" based reward encounters might end up being the same. At any rate, this encounter'ss Boss, Items, and Drops willl need to be made manually. Also, I wouldn't bother manually deleting the indivudual Horseman bosses created by the Sync, as they would just be recreated the next time you sync that Instance.

5) You can Sync more than one Instance at a time. Just check mark multiple Instances before Syncing.

6) Syncing can take some time. Don't freak out if it takes up to a minute to do multiple Instance syncs.

7) This feature appears to be available for individual Bosses from the Mob screen, but it is not yet. Eventually it will be, and it will allow for more focused, faster syncs when only a few bosses need to be updated.

8) If you don't specify a WowHead ID for an Instance, that Instance will never Sync, even if you check it and click "Sync Instance(s)".

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