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Change Set 18279

  • Added "Death Knight" to the list of selectable classes when working with Player data.
  • Added Levels 71-80 to the list of selectable levels when working with Player data.
  • Previous versions were not appropriately calculating raid attendance when a Player's attendance was less than perfect. This has been fixed.
  • Previous versions used a complicated method to display Item information when mousing over an Item's name. With assistance from WowHead, this mechanism has been greatly improved. The mechanism is not complete however, and future releases will improve the look-and-feel of the feature.
  • Syncing features have been added to Instances. You may notice a similar feature for Mobs, but it doesn't actually do anything for Mobs... yet.
  • WowHead ID fields have been added to Instances and Mobs, similar to Items.
  • This version has been verified compatible with DotNetNuke release 4.9.1 and 5.0.0. Project development now uses version 5.0.0, but does not take advantage of any of the newly added packaging features so as to remain 4.9.1 compatible.

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