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Change Set 18342

  • An SQL incompatibility in 0.1.2 was found involving a table locking mechanism that's available in MS 2008, but is not in any prior versions. These offending SQL statements have been removed. SQL that should have executed by upgrading to 0.1.2 most likely did not execute as a result. To remedy this, all SQL that should have executed in 0.1.2 will be executed again in this release. If you were running SQL 2008, you may need to check that any changes to Mob's Heroic Flags and Mob's/Raid's Attendance flags are correct.
  • The section display Raid Loot had several problems. These have been fixed.
  • This version has been verified compatible with DotNetNuke release 4.9.1 and 5.0.0.

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