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Change Set 18551

  • Two bugs were found in 0.1.3.
    • The first affects updating existing Raids. In this bug, the Attendance flag is not retrieved from the database correctly prior to displaying the editable data. This issue has been resolved.
    • The second affects the calculation of Spent and Saved DKP when changing the Loot Value of an existing loot. This issue has been resolved.
  • Several features have been added.
    • Several pieces of data collected in 0.1.3 which were not displayed in data grids are now displayed. This includes heroic and attendance flags, links to WowHead and Loot dates.
    • Data sensitive to time such as Loot and Raids is now sorted by date in descending order, not ascending. Most recent raids and loots will be displayed first, not last.
    • All data grids now have a user-defined pagesize. Pagesizes per section are stored client-side and persisted across sessions. This feature will be expanded to include more data grid properties (sorting, filtering, etc) as time permits in future releases.
    • Where applicable, multi-row updates are now supported. Typically, multi-updating only allows a subset of single-updating data to change. In the event that more than one data point can be changed via multi-update, a method similar to iTunes has been adopted where the data points to be updated must be checked. Unchecked data points will retain the original value.
    • There were quite a few code changes to clean up code structures.
    • CSS has been cleaned up to provide a more consistent, clean look.
  • This version has been verified compatible with DotNetNuke release 4.9.1 and 5.0.0.

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