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Change Set 4719

  • Implemented XML fetch from Wowhead when INSERTING and UPDATING Items in tss_ucItems.
  • Added tss_ucItemWowheadInfo class for return data from Wowhead.
  • Enchanced tss_DataController, tss_DataProvider, and SQLDataProvider to provide support for return data from Wowhead.
  • Added Wowhead.css, Wowhead_ie6.css, and overlib.js files for MouseOver Item support.
  • Removed MobID and MobName from tss_ItemInfo.
  • Reordered tss_LootInfo, added DropID, removed ItemID.
  • Reordered tss_MobInfo.
  • Reordered tss_RaidInfo.
  • Updated tss_DataProvider to reflect reorderings.
  • Updated tss_DataController to reflect reorderings.
  • Updated SQLDataProvider to reflect recordings.
  • Updated tss_ucMobs to reflect reording.
  • Updated tss_ucLoots to reflect reording and DropID.
  • Updated tss_ucRaids to reflect reordering.
  • Updated tss_ucItems to remove MobID.
  • Added Drop Methods to tss_DataProvider.
  • Added Public Drop Methods to tss_DataController.
  • Added Drop Methods to SQLDataProvider.
  • Moved CSS and Image artifacts to DesktopModules/tss_DKP.
  • Added path independent <link> CSS references to all User Controls.
  • Numerous changes to underlying database structure.
  • Increased default PageSize to 25 for all DataGrids.
  • Moved MouseOver code generation from Stored Procedure to Page Markup for tss_ucDrops and tss_ucItems.

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