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Change Set 7330

  • Fixed installer SQL script names to appropriately support future releases and upgrades.
  • Updated DNN manifest to reflect appropriate revision and additional SQL script files.
  • Added Settings control. Be sure to set your module configuration post-install.
  • Added Game library that will support a broader appeal to more games. Currently unavailable to users. As requested, games will be added. Setting the Game value in the Settings will change the lists for Players such as classes, levels, and races. More may become dependent on the Game value in the future.
  • Added breadcrumb feature per request. Not sure this is exactly what is wanted though. Comments welcomed.
  • Performed some code cleanup. Removed unused import references, etc.
  • Added support for more dynamic security configuration. Now any role that is marked as "Edit enabled" in the module setting can add/delete/edit. The previous role of "DKP Manager" is no longer specifically supported/needed.
  • Added player syncing with WoW Armory. Code credits to the WoWArmoryParser project. Any player on Armory that is not in the Player List will be added. Any player on Armory and in the Player List will be update. Players in the Player Listt hat are not in the Armory will NOT be removed.
  • Added new tables to the database for supporting Game data (Races, Levels, Classes).

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