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Change Set 8317

  • Previous versions used hidden labels as methods for persisting some data such as sort column, sort order, current page, total pages, and various ID's. This cluttered the markup. All such labels have been removed, and reconstituted as properties of the ViewState. These properties are prefaced with "tss_" so as to avoid ViewState space collision with other modules.
  • Cascade Styling has significantly changed. The new scheme focuses on delivering a streamlined presentation without the graphics. Alternating color support in the datagrid has been added. The CSS is very clean and the names should be intuitive. If you want to pursue styling related work, please contact a project developer.
  • A new global variable has been added to the module settings. "Default Row Count" now lets administrators set the number of rows that will be displayed for all grids. This is a temporary solution to an eventual environment where users can personalize their experience and set this value on their own.
  • The breadcrumb will now display Mob Name, Player Name, and Raid Name (Raid Date + Mob) when viewing Player Details, Loots, Rosters, and Drops.
  • Database stored procedure responsible for fetching a raid record was not fetching the name of the mob raided. This has been fixed.
  • Images stopped appearing since the previous release for mouseover effects because changed the URL for retreiving those images. HTML markup has been updated to reflect this change. Images should now appear correctly.
  • This version has been verified compatible with DotNetNuke release 4.8.2. Project development now uses this version.

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